Can't decide whether to book a wedding videographer? Read this.

People love to capture some of the most beautiful and meaningful moments of their lives in many ways so they can always remember them. Living in the 21st century gives us the opportunity like ever before to keep those memories truly alive, all thanks to technology and digital devices.

A wedding day definitely belongs to this category of most important moments and honestly, who wouldn’t want to capture the day of starting a new chapter in life with your loved one? Almost every couple hires a professional photographer to have pictures and wedding photo albums as a keepsake, but most people also decide to take a cameraman to catch all the happenings on this big day.

Of course, you want to have wedding photos, but should wedding video be equally considered as a must-have or not? That’s what we are going to talk about in this article. So here are some of the pros and cons of having a professional wedding video.


First and maybe most important asset of wedding video when compared to wedding photos is that it captures so much more than pictures: it catches all the movements and happenings; music playing, people singing or talking can be recorded as well as people’s facial expressions and emotions. When married couple watches the wedding video many years after the wedding, to them it may seem like watching this event happening again right before their eyes. It is truly interesting seeing things on tape that you possibly don’t remember completely or even didn’t see happening at all.


Some couples tend to ask someone from their guests to record some of the highlights of the whole wedding day, but the truth is this can be quite risky as the quality of the video recorded with a phone can’t ever be matched with the one of the proper video-recorders. But just having a quality device isn’t enough: having a professional videographer who is experienced in this area actually allows you to have a memory you will always come back to, not filled with bad, blurry shots or unimportant parts of the special day.


Once you have the video, you can share it with all your friends and family members without any problem! This is especially true when it comes to “highlights video” that are becoming more and more popular because of their short length and replacing all those 3-hours long wedding videos. Plus, it’s so much easier and quicker to maneuver with one file than to share a bunch of photos. This way others can also share the live-like experience of the whole day with you, especially the ones who couldn’t make it to the wedding!


Maybe one of the biggest disadvantages of the wedding videos is their price: the complexity of filming and editing a video as the maintenance of the video-filming gear represent many costs and effort. All that requires from couples to set aside a large amount of money, mostly larger than for photography, which can’t be afforded by everyone.


This argument is often overlooked, but it brings a whole another perspective: the video-filming of the wedding as an action itself can ruin or at least remove the lighthearted mood and spontaneity of the whole wedding celebration because of their lights and intrusiveness into the party atmosphere. Some people simply don’t like to be filmed, even more than photographed and they start to hide or act unnatural. Even the couple that’s getting married can be the one generally disliking being filmed.


While the wedding photos can be displayed in your or someone’s home other than being only present online, video doesn’t have that instant accessibility: it takes time to watch the wedding video, and if the video is a little bit longer, it is possible that couple or their family don’t have the time or forget to watch it. This way not only you didn’t remember one of your keepsakes, but you also spent a lot of money on a thing you will rarely or never use.

After seeing all the advantages and disadvantages of having a wedding video, we can say for sure that this decision depends on your personal preferences of keeping memories, wedding budget and your comfort with vide recording in general. One thing is certain: if you and your future spouse choose to have a wedding video, it will be another unique memory of that special day that will never be repeated. _____________________________

photo credit: El arte photography / Pinterest