Top 7 Destinations for a Honeymoon in Croatia

After a long process of wedding planning and anticipation of that special day, it finally dawns that morning, the final preparations are underway, everyone is arranged, people are slowly arriving... And then the peak of the day begins. Wedding ceremony, bursting love and partying until dawn. Everything passes in the blink of an eye. And then what? Of course, HONEYMOON!

The honeymoon is a perfect opportunity for a newlywed couple to relax together, to settle impressions and emotions, and to get used to the fact that they are now husband and wife and that their lives are becoming much different than they were before.

For many couples, the destination of their honeymoon has long been determined, but for many it is a pure pain to find exactly what they will like. That is why we bring you the top 7 honeymoon destinations in Croatia.


Lastovo is one of the twelve nature parks in Croatia, and is known as an island of exceptional beauty. Dark skies, crystal stars and a beautiful blue and clear sea are just some of the characteristics of beautiful Lastovo. Lastovo's beaches are wild and naturally rocky and the hidden bays are adorned with a dense pine forest that also creates natural shade. Apart from swimming and enjoying the numerous beaches of Lastovo, the possibilities of exploring this peaceful island are many. From numerous lighthouses, and fortresses to basilicas, churches, caves and palaces. In any case, you will not be bored, and you will rest your body and soul.


Hotel Bellevue, Mali Losinj

Clear sea, clean air, rich flora and fauna, mild Mediterranean climate are the features of the Cres - Lošinj archipelago that stretches from northwest to southeast in the length of 99 kilometers. The beaches are mostly rocky or with a small stone entrance. There are numerous apartments and hotels where it is more than comfortable, and the gastronomic offer has its own specialties too. Lošinj is special for its sights and opportunities that it offers to visitors. There are numerous museums, towers, walking trails, but also a garden of medicinal plants, an institute for research and protection of the sea and organisms in the sea, the possibility of going on a dolphin watching tour, etc. Lošinj is therefore a great destination for a honeymoon at any time of the year.

Fritzi Gallery, Museum of Losinj


At the very entrance to the deep Vela Luka bay, is the beautiful island of Proizd - Magic Island! In 2007, according to the choice of the Croatian Tourist Board, it was declared the most beautiful beach of the Adriatic. Apart from the beaches, Proizd also boasts numerous activities, which are, of course, related to the sea. Kayaking, snorkelling, diving, fishing, etc. Although Proizd is a small island, with perhaps somewhat fewer possibilities, Korcula is nearby, which is one of the larger and more popular islands in Croatia. That's why this is a win-win option!


Hvar is one of the largest islands in Croatia, but is actually best known as the "sunniest island". Hvar offers a unique combination of magnificent Mediterranean nature, rich and layered cultural and historical heritage, and fashionable tourist modernity. We believe that this is the reason why it is one of the most visited places in Croatia in the summer months. The beaches on Hvar are mostly rocky - pebble, located in bays, surrounded by pine trees. In addition to the natural features, Hvar has a rich folk tradition, but also domestic and traditional production. In addition, Hvar is an island of purple lavender fields. From the first three branches from Veli Grablje, this aromatic plant with exceptional properties has spread through the Hvar fields, and grows during June, July and August. If you ever visit these beautiful purple fields, we expect you to contact us with breathtaking photos.


Plitvice Holiday Resort

If you thought that Croatia was known only for its sea destinations, you are wrong. Here are just two of the many proofs that every corner of this country is rich in natural beauties and attractions. Rastoke is a place where two rivers meet, Slunjčica and Korana. This city is also a tourist place, and accommodation, peace, clean air, and beautifully landscaped promenades are provided. Apart from Rastoke, there are also the famous Plitvice Lakes. Plitvice Lakes is a great destination for those who are in the mood for an active vacation and being in nature. This national park offers many opportunities, walking routes, boat rides, accommodation in a luxury hotel with a special gastronomic offer. If you do not see yourself on this honeymoon destination, then be sure to visit a place like this on another occasion. Maybe a wedding anniversary. :)

To conclude, Croatia is a country of beautiful locations, fine food, comfortable accommodation, excellent tourist offer and unsurpassed natural beauty. What more do you need? :)

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