Things a Maid of Honor Should NEVER Do

Classic tips for the maid of honor usually start with what she may or may not wear on her friend's wedding day, but there are a few much more important things the maid of honor needs to know while preparing for the wedding. If you’ve never been a maid of honor at a wedding before, it would be good for you to read our few tips.

· The beginning is the hardest for brides. After the engagement, the planning of her big day begins. At that point, your friend has to make a lot of decisions and be in touch with a lot of people. The best thing you can do is be with her and offer her help. For example, you can search for some good bands in the city or photographers and make her a word document with all the necessary information and contacts. This will surely make her search easier, and you have successfully done your maid of honor duty out of love for your friend. The worst thing you can do at the very beginning is to question her informatively like what she is arranging, how she feels about it, and to passively confirm everything she tells you.

· You should never criticize her decisions. You must know that this is not your wedding day, but your friend's, and that it is your duty to be with her and to be her support. After all, she chose you as the first witness of her love for her future husband. Your taste, which you express with your opinion, may seem like an attitude to your friend. So you better put on "her glasses", and see what you like, not for yourself, but for her. For example, does this "xy" photographer have nice pictures - yes, but would my friend like those pictures, or do I just like them? You have to ask yourself such questions every day, especially when planning a bachelorette party.

· The following advice is similar to the previous one, but it deserves to be a point for itself because the maid of honor should never order the bride or try to be the main one in organizing the wedding. The maid of honor is there to respect her wishes and help her choose and organize all the important aspects for her big day.

· The maid of honor should not do anything that would embarrass the bride or make her feel bad. This, of course, does not mean that you will allow her to get married wearing a wedding dress that obviously does not suit her or having an unsuccessful hairstyle. This means that you will tell her these things in conversation and with love and suggest that she might consider something else. If even then she sticks to her choice that you don't like, step back. Don’t be intrusive, just be sensible and try to understand that at times she is just overwhelmed with everything.

· Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, don’t let your girlfriend be alone, especially on her wedding day. Maybe all the girls have watched too many American movies in which those joint morning preparations are shown as the last girly moments before the wedding and are overly unrealistic, but the fact is that the bride doesn’t need to be alone throughout the morning. Go alone to the hairdresser, to get make-up, to dress herself, etc. Maybe some brides really want that, but you know your friend the best and surely your presence through that morning will reduce her nervousness and brighten the day from the beginning.

photo credit: Pinterest / Bridal Musings