Summer Weddings - how to deal with high temperatures

Despite the high temperatures and heat, the summer months are the most popular for weddings because there is something beautiful in the clear sky, bright sun and greenery. But what when nice weather turns into really unbearable heat? Here are a few things you need to think about in advance, but also on your wedding day.

  • We know from elementary school that different materials are different conductors of heat. Therefore, we must keep in mind that it does matter what material the chair on which guests sit is made. The metal heats up faster both in the sun and from the heat of the human body, so we recommend wooden chairs on which your guests will certainly be more comfortable sitting. In addition, wooden chairs contribute to a rustic atmosphere and can fit well into almost any space.

  • One interesting decoration, but also a necessary prop during the wedding ceremony and later the party are fans. You can get a large number of fans that would be placed in certain places and always available to your guests.

  • One necessary thing is definitely water. As for the bride and groom, it would be good for the maid of honour and the best man to encourage them to drink water every now and then because, due to circumstances and excitement, they can forget it, which can result badly. As for the guests, it might be a good idea to prepare baskets with ready-made bottles of water that will always be available, but also serve as a kind of reminder to consume non-alcoholic liquids :D.

  • One thing that bothers every woman during the hot months is hair. So we advise you: if you are a future bride or a guest at someone’s summer wedding, make buns and ponytails which you can put down or adjust later depending on the circumstances.

  • Advice that can benefit both women and men is to choose clothes carefully. Of course, it is important to look beautiful and festive, but in the summer months, it is important that your clothes are airy. This advice also applies to the bride. Heavy and thick wedding dress materials often bring a dose of elegance, but it is challenging to be elegant under the pressure of heat.

  • The last and perhaps most important thing to pay attention to when planning a summer wedding is choosing locations. If you have an outdoor wedding, it would be good to be located under natural shade, if you are indoors, make sure that the air conditioning is provided, and an additional plus is the high ceiling.

wedding venue in Croatia
beautiful wedding location on Vir Island

  • An additional idea and suggestion is that the event itself may be postponed for later hours when the sun is no longer as intense and when temperatures are at least a little bit reduced.

Wedding in Croatia, meneghetti winery venue
Meneghetti Winery Wedding, Croatia

We hope we have given you a few ideas that will help while planning your special day or, if you are a guest at a summer wedding, surviving the high temperatures as relaxed as possible.

photo credit: Mihoci Studios