Maid of Honor Duties Explained

If you’re reading this article, we assume a similar scenario happened to you recently: one of your close friends just got engaged. While you were overjoyed, not long after announcing this big news, she asked you to be her maid of honor. Your first reaction was probably: “Awesome, I get to be the maid of honor!” and you were overwhelmed with such an honor. Now, some time after everything sank in, only one concerning thought is popping into your head: “HELP! I am the maid of honor and I don’t know what to do!”

maid of honor duties

Whether it was exactly like this or completely different, you probably clicked on this article because you need some guidance on this important role you accepted. And that’s what we’re here for! We bring you the list and the explanations of the usual duties of maid of honor!


Before we even start talking about some of the famous maid of honor duties, let’s not forget the crucial reason why every bride needs a maid of honor in the first place, and that’s to be a witness at the wedding ceremony. Whether in a city hall, in church or anywhere else, the official witnesses of tying the knot are needed at any kind of marriage ceremony to confirm this important act actually happened! Two witnesses are usually required who, by signing the official documents of the marriage act, confirm the event took place, allowing the marriage to be legally recognized.

Of course, to be a legal witness, you ought to be at least 18 years old. In some countries, there needs to be one witness, or maybe none at all (if your friend is planning a wedding abroad, it may not hurt to check it out!). All in all, being a witness of the wedding act is the need from which this role was created in the first place.

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Whether it’s about finding the perfect band, shopping together with a bride-to-be to find the perfect wedding dress, arranging the florist or making the decorations for the wedding to save money, a maid of honor is expected to help with everything that the bride asks of her. Planning and organizing a wedding can sometimes be pretty stressful and demanding so your friend could use an extra hand in this situation. Whether it’s a big or small thing you’re doing to help, we bet she will truly appreciate you pitching in.

On the other hand, you, as a maid of honor, should feel comfortable and capable doing these favors. If you’re already busy with your other obligations or you don’t like where some of the demands of the future bride are heading, you should feel free enough to talk to her about it and explain your situation. We have no doubt that your bride, if she is a reasonable and good friend, would understand you.


Being that your friend is getting married soon and starting a new family, one thing she could use is a party as the “last time of relaxation” before the new responsibilities kick in! That’s when you come in as the organizer of the bachelorette party!

Ask your friend about her wishes for this party and contact all of her close friends she wants to have participate in this special event. When it comes to the budget, talk to the future bride about financing and her preferences so you can explore your options. Another possibility is that you don’t tell the bride-to-be anything about the bachelorette party and make it a surprise!

When it comes to the content of the party itself, it can be anything from a relaxing spa, to a day at the beach, to dynamic activities such as adrenaline sports or simply a night-out at the club with good food and music – just make sure everyone enjoys it and that the bride never forgets this evening!


It’s normal to get caught up in your maid of honor to-do list and try to make everything perfect, but don’t forget to give your friend what she really needs – and that is your support through all that’s happening. We’re not just talking about the wedding organization, which can also be challenging, but also the big change she is about to experience with being married, having a family, possibly moving to another city, new responsibilities… The future bride may feel insecure about this big life decisions she’s making and you, as her maid of honor and close friend, can help her with that. Through a simple honest talk or just taking her out for a cup of coffee, you’re already helping her clear her mind about her motivations for marriage and focus on what is really important.

These are some of the most basic duties a maid of honor can have, but of course it all depends on the agreement between you and your friend. In the end, you as a witness don’t only testify a legal act, but you also get to see an act of love and commitment being made between two people to be together for the rest of their lives. And that is something quite special in itself!

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