Honeymoon in Istria? Oh yes, please!

Croatia - a place ideal for honeymooners where Croatian honeymooners rarely go to (until now). I know this pandemic is a pain in the ass, but it got us to a perfect honeymoon place, which Istria indeed is, so I am definitely thankful for that. So, without further ado, here are a couple of our experiences which will perhaps give you an idea of how to make your honeymoon even honey-er.

Sunset date: Roxanich and Motovun

Good wine, great view, intimate terrace - that’s all we can ask for. Depending on your budget and preferences, I would perhaps suggest drinks only. And then have dinner somewhere else - the sunset is surely long enough for both. This is a typical tasting menu type of a restaurant - food is excellent, portions are small, prices are reasonably high. But if you decide on dinner after all (like we did) it will surely be worth it. And, of course, you still have time to go for a second dinner somewhere else (like we did #alwayshungry). Even if wineries are not your thing, Motovun or any other viewpoint will be enough - All that is needed for a good romantic moment with your partner is to place yourself in front of a sunset, and romance will follow.

Excellent accommodation

If there is any time in life when you should reward yourself and fork out on a 5* hotel - this is the time. And by that I mean two things: First of all, this is the first romantic getaway in your marriage and you will remember it and cherish it forever, it’s a special time. Second of all, this is an excellent time to visit luxury hotels because the prices have gone down because of the pandemic. So, why not visit one of Maistra’s beautiful hotels in Istria and give yourself a break you deserve? Our choice was Lone and it contributed greatly to our relaxed Istrian honeymoon. But you can’t go wrong with other Maistra hotels as well, such as Eden, Monte Mulini and, of course, Grand Park hotel (this one is their newest hotel - super gorgeous, but super priced as well, unfortunately).

Hotel Lone

Grand Park Hotel

Burger paradise

If you are a burger lover like us, I have only three words for you: Shipyard Pub, Pula. Their burgers are so delicious they will have you wanting more. I could go on and on, but just take my word, go and try them. And the best part - you won’t wind up broke after this date because the prices are more than alright.

The Shipyard Pub, Pula

Wine tasting

With so many great wineries and wine tastings in Istria, it’s a shame not to visit at least once. Kozlović, Rossi, Roxanich, Meneghetti, Kabola, Aura destilerija, and so so many more. See it, try it, enjoy it!

Kozlovic Wine Estate

photo credit: charmingcroatia.com / Poslovni / Maistra / Youtube/ Wine&more